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Lawcus – New Features March 2022

We’ve been hard at work these past few weeks to help make Lawcus even more valuable for you. We’re super excited that we’ve added some brand new features to make your experience with Lawcus even better. Here’s a list Automatic

Integration with YoCierge is live now

YoCierge is a leading provider of information security and record retrieval services for legal firms, insurance organizations, and individuals. YoCierge is now integrated with Lawcus to help transfer matter and contact information seamlessly, making the record retrieval process a matter of

Improve Global Search

We have updated the search results and now the results will show in a more detailed manner. It differentiates the results in the different groups i.e. Matters, Leads, Contacts, etc. Other Changes: Added lead base information on Lead details (Lead

Integration with Smith.ai is live now

Smith.ai integrates with Lawcus CRM, so each time one of our receptionists handles a call for your firm, the information will be automatically synced to your Lawcus account. In addition, you’ll be able to view every Smith.ai call in your Lawcus

Integration with LEX Reception is live now

LEX Reception virtual receptionists take care of your calls while you care for business. By integrating Lex Reception with Lawcus, you get a robust system that warmly welcomes new leads and effectively incorporates them into your client intake and relationship management

Added matter information on matter list

On the matter list view we added matter stats like total matters, open matters, closed matters, matters opened this month and matters opened last month.