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Case Management

Bird’s-Eye View

Lawcus allows you to easily see all of your matters and know what needs your attention.


Kanban Boards

Lawcus gives you a kanban style bird’s-eye view to quickly see all your matters and instantly know what needs your attention. And if you prefer lists to boards, you can switch to the traditional list view.

Component 102

Productivity Focus

Legal work is naturally collaborative. Lawcus puts collaboration, conversation, and automation together to help you deliver more with transparency and less effort.

Conflict Search

Full-text search allows you to search all text fields, including custom fields across Lawcus.

Custom Fields

We understand you have a unique workflow, create contact & matter custom fields and groups.

Matter Numbering

Ability to auto-generate matter numbers using a pre-saved numbering scheme. It allows users to create a custom numbering scheme.


Matter Centric Chat

Collaborate with your teammates with matter-centric conversations. Keep all your matter related to team communications in one place. Ability to pin & star notes and other Interactions

Real-time Notifications

Get notified for any activity like someone assign you a matter or task, payment was received, intake form was submitted, email or text messages were sent out by the workflow, etc

Matter & Contact Tags

Tags are labels that help you to categorize your cases and contacts as you like.

Localization (beta)

Localization support for Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, German & Chinese. More, coming soon!


Matter & Client Summary Reports

The Summary Report provides an overview of trust balance, outstanding balance, and un-invoiced work in progress on matter and client details.


Matter Timelines

Ability to record and organize phone calls, meetings, facts, and issues on the matters. The user can search and filter the message stream by the activity types.