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Bank-Grade Security

Military Grade Encryption

Lawcus ensures that all of your and your customers’ valid information and case reports are safe in the cloud, protected by bank-grade security.

Component 102 (3)

Bank Grade Security

Lawcus guarantees that all your  legitimate information and case reports are free from any danger in the cloud with bank grade security. Lawcus stores all of your law firm’s data at 256-bit AES encryption, the same standard used by financial institutions.

Encryption at Rest

We’re built on Amazon AWS cloud, strongest encryption at rest & transition. Gain the confidence you need to securely run your legal business with the most secure cloud computing environment.

Two Factor Authentication

Protect your client data with the ability to setup two factor authentication.

Matter Level Security

Lawcus gives you the option to set your matters into “private mode”. This means that only the people you give access to can view the matter.

Safest Internal Security

Lawcus and our staff have always stayed on top of the latest in technology and security. We ensure no discrepancies while handling all your legitimate information.

Nightly Data Backup

Lawcus backs up your account on a regular basis to guarantee that you may access it at any time. Nightly backups keep your company’s data safe and secure, ensuring that nothing is lost in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Role Based Security

Lawcus allows the admin to decide who can access what features and details on your dashboard. You can assign user roles with varying access levels so that only people you allow can view or edit certain information.

IP Whitelisting

Lawcus let’s you enable the IP address security protection to prevent access using insecure internet network connections like coffee shop wifi and other unsecured public networks.