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Task Management

Organise & Assign Tasks

Lawcus helps you Organize and delegate tasks, set deadlines, keep track of work in progress and get it done faster.

Component 102

Legal Task Management Software for Lawyers

Lawcus helps you Organise to-do lists, Automate & Assign tasks, check task progress and do much more easily. Organize and delegate tasks, set deadlines, keep track of work in progress and get it done faster.

Legal Task Management
Automate your task flows

Automate your task flows

Lawcus’ Workflow and Task Management Software lets you set and forget fundamental parts of customer maintenance and correspondence—like customer consumption, arrangement updates and email subsequent meet-ups.

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Task Exports

With just a few clicks, you can export your task list into an Excel format, facilitating seamless sharing and collaboration with your team. Stay organized and productive like never before!

Repeating Tasks

Set up tasks that will automatically repeat after a pre-determined interval after completion of the task. You can set up tasks to repeat daily, monthly, annually, or periodically.

Private Tasks

You can now mark tasks as Private. This feature is ideal for things/tasks that you don’t want others to know about. When you mark a task as Private, only you–the owner–will have access to the task.

Tasks without Matters

You can create tasks that are independent of matters (or not connected to any matters).

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Task Automation

Tired of creating the same tasks every time? Handle repetitive tasks automatically that can sometimes fall through the cracks with our best task management software.

Task Automation
Multiple Assignees
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Multiple Assignees

There are cases when adding multiple assignees to tasks would be very handy. Now you can assign tasks to multiple team members, so your team can collaborate on tasks with each other and be more productive!

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Trigger Due Date of a Task Based on Another Task

You can create tasks with a due date based on another task. For example, if you change the due date of the main task, the system will automatically adjust the due date of all the depending Tasks.