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Online Payment System For Lawyers

Powering your transactions with our easy-to-use online
payment software for lawyers.

Lawcus Payments

Increase your cash flow with a seamless payment experience powered by Confido Legal.

Same Day Bank Transfers

Same-day ACH or echeck deposits. per-transaction limits up to $1m.

Surcharge Paid by Clients

Charge credit card fees to clients when they pay, only in states where it's allowed.

State laws about extra charges. View List

Transparent Payments

No Monthly Fee

Unmatched Benefits

Secure Payments

With Lawcus' built-in online payment system, securely process credit card, debit card, e-cheque or ACH payments for both trust and operating accounts in a matter of few clicks. Share payment links with clients for instant transactions, enhancing the overall payment experience.

Military-Grade Security with PCI Legislation

Lawcus employs the most advanced payment industry security mechanisms, including bank-grade client data protection and proactive fraud detection, so you can accept online payments with confidence. Clients can also save credit card information for future transactions.

Effortless Fund Management

Take control of your finances with Lawcus. Lawcus payments offers convenience and reliability to legal professionals and their clients. 
Experience financial flexibility like never before with competitive credit card and same-day ACH rates

Trust Requests

Made Simple Need to request funds or retainers from your clients? Lawcus has you covered with Trust Requests. Create instant invoices to request funds directly from the trust account, streamlining the process for both you and your clients.

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Say farewell to the hassle of chasing down client payments with Lawcus, your ultimate legal practice management solution. Our native payment processing system enables your clients to make payments remotely. No more processing payments manually!

Master Trust Accounting

Navigate the complexities of trust accounting effortlessly with Lawcus's dedicated legal trust accounting software. Effectively manage client funds in trust accounts while maintaining a clear separation from your firm's operating funds. Leverage advanced analytics for a comprehensive overview.

Empower your practice with Lawcus and revolutionize the way you handle payments and trust accounting. Get started today for a smarter, more efficient legal practice management experience.

Lawcus Payments Competitor Comparison

  • Same-Day ACH
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Price
  • Card: 2.95%
    SD ACH: 1% with $30 per transaction cap
  • Card: 2.95% + $.10/Trans
    AMEX: 3.45% + $.10/Trans
    ACH: Free
  • $19/MO
    Card: 2.95% + $.20/Trans + Brand Fees
    AMEX: 3.75% + .20/Trans + Brand Fees
    ACH: 1% with $10 Per Transaction Cap
  • Card: 2.95%
    AMEX: 3.5%
    ACH: $2/Trans
  • Surcharging
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Trust/OP Transfers
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • ARC Transaction Limits
  • Up to $1M
  • $5K
  • ?
  • ?

Common questions

Lawcus Payments powered by Confido Legal enables online payments for lawyers and firms by offering an efficient and secure process within its legal practice management software. Lawyers can send bills to their clients through a secure portal or email. After that, they can securely pay through the same portal by choosing methods. Payments are automatically recorded in Lawcus and synchronized to your accounting platform, saving you time and effort. You can also issue trust payment requests and keep evergreen retainers knowing that Lawcus will keep you in compliance with trust accounting rules.

Lawcus employs the most advanced payment industry security mechanisms, including bank-grade client data protection and proactive fraud detection, so you can accept online payments with confidence.Clients can also save credit card information for future transactions.

Chargebacks can occur for a variety of reasons, including accepting a fraudulent card or a customer challenging the transaction. $25 chargeback or unauthorized return fee applies (typically a rare event). If a chargeback occurs, you will be alerted and our team will walk you through the dispute process step by step.

In Setings, navigate to Apps & Integrations > Online Payments and activate your account. Once you have submitted the required information and your account has been approved, you'll be notified that you can begin accepting payments.

The time taken for a payment to be deposited depends on your payment method, cut-off times and your bank's processes. Know More

Credit and debit cards are authorized at the time of the transaction and will debit into your bank account on the deposit timeline. The client's bank has two banking days to return a notice of insufficient funds or invalid account. Depending on when we receive this response from the bank, it's possible funds may be initially deposited and then debited due to a return. Note that a two banking day response can be three banking days from when the transaction was actually run due to the time it takes to send the transaction to the client's bank.