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Trust Transactions

Industry Compliant Trust Transactions

Retainer payments can be requested and accepted straight into your trust account.

Component 102

Trust Accounting Software

With our legal trust accounting software, you may manage client funds in trust accounts. Separate client funds from your firm’s operating funds with meticulous recordkeeping.

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Trust Requests

On Lawcus, requesting funds in trust from your clients via Trust Requests is simple. You may collect upfront or escrow deposits, as well as trust fund top-ups, using trust requests, which will all go to your Trust Account.

Add Trust Fund To Invoices

Lawcus allows you to easily pay invoices with trust or credit funds at a breakneck speed.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Lawcus gives you the ability to add multiple operating and trust accounts and also let’s you transfer funds between accounts.

LawPay & Gravity Payments

LawPay allows you to process trust and operating account credit card payments properly. Payment links can be shared with customers so they can pay instantly.

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QuickBooks Integration

Our Quickbooks integration allows you to sync everything over to QuickBooks Online, like Clients, Invoices and Payments made on your trust account.