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Data migration process

Switching to lawcus is just 5 easy steps

Component 102 (1)

Share your login credentials with us

Component 102 (2)

We will make the initial data export from your existing software for which you will receive 8 emails that you need to forward to us

Component 102

Our data migration team will process the data and upload it to a test Lawcus server

Component 102 (3)

Once we've cross checked data we will give you the login in credentials for the test server for you to confirm if everything has been transferred

Component 102 (4)

Once you approve the data we will take the on a Friday night so that you can start off on a monday without an actual downtime

Lawcus believes that conversion to a new software cannot just be left to the client, big data can be big trouble at times. We can do everything from simple data extraction from your current system to managing the subcontracting and outsourcing of an entire migration operation. The market for legal software is growing with the increase in importance of data migration with ease. Lawcus helps you import almost everything from your current software including Custom Fields, Clients, Matters, Matter relationships, Notes, Time Entries, Expense Entries, Flat Fees, Invoices, Payments, and balances.

Switching to lawcus gets easier with free data migration on annual plans. Our team helps you move all your data to Lawcus without any hassle so that you can focus on what important stuff like matter management and client intake.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding data migration you can email us at support@lawcus.com