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Workflow Automation

Legal Workflow Automation

Add conditional logic, filters, automatically generate invoices, automatic follow-ups, and so much more

#1 Legal Workflow Automation Software

Every minute counts in the legal world. Maximize your billable hours by automating routine activities such as client intake, document generation, communications, and deadline tracking. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on winning cases.

#1 Legal Billing Software

Automate Tasks

Reduce the time spent on mundane activities like data entry, information collecting, scheduling, and the creation of standard legal so that you can give your full attention to your cases and clients. Create and manage to-do lists, schedule and assign tasks, monitor progress, and more.


Automate Communication

Automate the legwork of your marketing initiatives so you can concentrate on your customers. With tailored email automation and automatic follow-ups, Lawcus legal workflow automation software enables you to create, schedule, automate yet personalise you client comunications.


Simplified Client Intake

Bid farewell to the traditional client portal invitation process. Automate client invitations seamlessly through workflows, eliminating the need for repetitive manual actions. Enhance client engagement effortlessly.

Structured Workflow Management

Create order in your automation features by organizing workflows, intake forms, and action templates into folders. Establish multiple folders, multi-level structures, or search within a folder—all in just a few minutes.

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Exit & Entry Rules for Automation

Define when a workflow starts with entry rules and specify when it ends with exit rules. Tailor workflows to meet your unique needs with precision.


Never Miss a Deadline

The ‘Reminders’ action let’s you send meeting reminders and emails to related contacts. Explore new fields and capabilities for an enriched workflow experience.


Track Activities Automatically

Automate activity entries within workflow automation. Update matter stages and add expense entries automatically through the expense action, enhancing efficiency.

Context at a Glance

Enhance your communication efficiency by viewing the subject line of outgoing emails on respective workflow actions. Provide crucial context and directly reference associated items or tasks effortlessly. Identify related items with a quick glance, eliminating the need for extensive navigation.


Stay Ahead with Real-time Alerts

Receive instant email alerts the moment an error is detected in your workflow. No more manual checks or waiting for periodic reports—stay informed and in control wherever you are.