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Meet the Team

Harsimran Singh


As a software developer and business man with 12+ years of experience, Harsimran saw the gap in the legal tech industry and felt a calling to step forward and change the future of how we practice law. Currently residing in San Diego, CA, Harsimran enjoys his weekends with his 2 children and wife by visiting the beach or going camping.


Vitaliy Zhukov


With 16+ years of experience as a software developer, Vitaliy has executed projects across California and Russia and had a fundamental role in building Lawcus from the ground up. We have yet to discover something Vitaliy can’t develop! During his free time, Vitaliy likes to spend time with his 3 daughters and get extra work done.


Ridwan Sharomi

Content Creator

As a law graduate and aspiring attorney, Ridwan has been a dedicated legal tech writer with 5+ years of experience. Ridwan is always ready to take on a new challenge with a positive attitude. On the weekends, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family while also preparing himself for a successful career in law.


Arianna Gonzalez

Growth Strategist

Arianna has 6+ years of experience growing startups as well as an MBA in Organizational Leadership. Ready to take on any obstacle that comes with a new business, she faces each challenge head on. Arianna enjoys volunteering and rescuing animals during her free time.


Japneet Singh

Customer Sucess

Japneet has an extensive background in legal tech video editing and software training. Japneet can figure out how to do just about anything in Lawcus and he edits our videos! Japneet enjoys playing Tabla (an Indian instrument), traveling to religious places, and taking courses to improve his skills.

Japneet SinghImg

Nikita Pankratov

UX/UI Designer

With 6+ years of experience as a
UX/UI designer, Nikita has played a significant role in designing our Lawcus graphics and is always ready to test his limits and outshine his previous work. In his spare time, Nikita likes to spend time with his wife and daughter.

Nikita Pankratov

Gunika Sharma

Accounts Executive

Gunika has several years of experience in customer service and always finds a solution when someone on the team needs help. We can always count on her professionalism and attention to detail.
On the weekends, Gunika likes to write poetry, spend time with family and friends, and cook her favorite dishes.


Pavel Chernyavsky

Software Developer

Pavel can develop just about anything with his 15+ years of experience in software development. He is always eager for a new project and jumps at every chance to help out his team members.
Pavel is passionate about kettlebell lifting, watching tv shows, and programming.

Pavel ChernyavskyImg

Artem Chesnokov

Full Stack Developer

As a Master in Computer Science and web development, Artem has extensive experience solving complex challenges and can solve just about anything. In his spare time, Artem likes to expand his knowledge by getting certified through courses like X-ray Astronomy!

Artem Chesnokov​

Devanshi Kackar

Customer Success Manager

Devanshi is Working as a CSM in driving Customer Success, optimization and upsell of new business opportunities for customers by qualifying and nurturing customers in our rapidly growing business.

Devanshi Kackar

Saloni Kackar

Digital Marketing Specialist

Saloni is a driven marketer adept at Performance Marketing and SEO. She has majorly contributed towards creating, maintaining, and conducting analysis & giving insights for future campaign development and go-to-market strategies.


Manish Sharma

Product Manager

Manish is a keen observant, a technology enthusiast, and a passionate learner. He manages the cross-functional team and stakeholder communication, wireframing features, and oversaw product development from inception to implementation to achieve product goals and metrics. During free time, he explores the new places and spends time with his family.


Lohith Reddy

Quality Assurance Engineer

Lohith is a calm and composed person. He handles well under tough situations and makes sure that all the things should be delivered on time without compromising the quality. He is not limited to his works but also tries to explore new things which help to make things better.



Lohith Reddy

Harshit Khandelwal

Software Developer

Harshit constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems. He is a quick learner and problem solver who best utilizes his skills to ensure the quality of product. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his family and friends.





Harshit Khandelwal

Priyanka Sharma

Software Developer

Priyanka has 6+ years of experience in web development. She loves her profession as it gives opportunity to learn new technologies and also allows to solve problems of various nature. In spare time she likes to read books and spend time with family.

Priyanka Sharma

Trupteeranjan Padhi

Lawyer in Residence

Trupteeranjan is a seasoned legal professional and legal innovation & tech enthusiast with experience working on multiple matters, including corporate, investigations, white-collar crime, employment matters, etc. He acted as a legal tech professional in his earlier service occasions. With his experience, he is not only advising us on legal matters but also driving us through the tech requirements of the lawyers to make the product more viable & adaptable among the professionals. In his free time; he loves to travel with his family to new places to experience people, food, and culture.

Trupteeranjan Padhi