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Time and Expense Tracking

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Best Time and Expense Tracking Software

Maximize your revenue with our advanced time-tracking tools and robust billing features that are built to help you scale your firm.

Create Time Entries

Use a running clock when you start a job. Pause or stop the timer when you’re interrupted, or have finished your task. Track Billable hours with ease on out expert time tracking software


Create Expense Entries

Our #1 Expense Tracking Software track the costs that you can claim as reimbursement in Lawcus and charge your customers for them.

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Hourly Billing

Bill your clients on hourly basis so that you can schedule your workload and manage cashflow better. Lawcus also allows each of your legal team member to enter and apply different hourly rates when punching-in time entries for matters on Lawcus.

LEDES Billing

Now you can enable UTBMS codes for your firm. When entering time and expenses, you will have all UTBMS codes available for use.

Activity Items

Now you can save your everyday activities and apply them to time, a flat fee or expense entry. Selected activity item will set the description and rate on time, a flat fee or expense entry. Your activity items may look like Mileage, Print, etc.

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