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Appointment Scheduler

Hassle-Free Appointment Booking

Let your clients schedule meetings at their convenience with our easy to use appointment scheduler & more

Component 102

Legal Appointment Scheduler Software

Always be on time with our powerful law firm appointment scheduler software that seamlessly syncs with Google, Office 365, Outlook + more! You can never be over prepared when it comes to organizing your schedule. Set deadlines, see the status of limitations, and receive daily reminders.

Component 102 (1)

Instant Auto-Scheduler

Legal work is naturally collaborative. Lawcus puts collaboration, conversation, and automation together to help you deliver more with transparency and less effort.

Lead Conversion

In addition to scheduling meetings and appointments with our in-built appointment scheduler, you can structure the functionality to automatically convert the prospect you have an appointment with as a lead.

Language Localization

Multilingual platform helps you localise your legal platform as per your region

Time Zone Support

Get seamless scheduling across time zones.

Component 102 (2)

Google, Office 365 and Outlook

Two-way calendar sync with Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars.