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Invoicing and Expense Tracking

Time Tracking And Billing

Track and Invoice billable hours with our time tracker built for speed and ease of use

Component 102 (9)

Best Time and Expense Tracking Software

Maximize your revenue with our advanced time-tracking tools and robust billing features that are built to help you scale your firm.
We make it easy for you to know what’s due, when it’s due, and what’s paid.

Simple time tracking and powerful billing system

Track all your time using our simple time tracker built for speed and ease of use.

Flat Fee Billing

Ability to track multiple flat fee services directly on the matter and create invoices that are simple for you and your clients.

Evergreen Retainer

When enabled, this feature notifies you if the matter balance dips below the minimum retainer amount you set on the matter.

Component 102 (10)

Contingency Billing

Once the settlement has reached, you can deposit the full amount into your Trust Account. On updating the settlement amount on the matter, and the software will automatically make the percentage calculations for you.

Component 102 (11)

Bulk Email Invoices

This powerful add-on enables your billing team to email all customers with open invoices in a single click. All emails sent via Lawcus will appear in the sent folder in your email account just like your regular emails.

Batch Invoicing

This tool will allow you to generate all your invoices in just two clicks.

Invoice Templates

Ability to create different invoice templates for different case types or situations.

Default Billing Rates

Ability to set default rates for users and matters. Allows users to switch rates on time entries.

LEDES Billing

Now you can enable UTBMS codes for your firm. When entering time and expenses, you will have all UTBMS codes available for use.