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Lawcus – New Features November 2023

Practice Area Filter on Revenue Report: Lawcus now allows users to filter revenue reports by practice areas, enabling them to easily analyze and track their income generated from specific areas of expertise.  Option to Use Gender as Question Type on

Lawcus – New Features October 2023

“Move to” Option for Files: Lawcus introduces a user-friendly update to file management with the “Move To” option. Now, organizing your files is just a click away. This intuitive design streamlines the file categorization process, saving valuable time and promoting

Lawcus – New Features September 2023

Improved Invoice UI: Lawcus has gone above and beyond to elevate your invoicing experience by integrating a user-friendly design and achieving lightning-fast performance through a revamped and enhanced user interface. Edit Line Totals: Lawcus allows users to fine-tune the line

Lawcus – New Features August 2023

Add Non-Billable Entries to Your Matters: You can effortlessly add non-billable flat fees and expenses to Lawcus alongside time entries. Provide detailed breakdowns of billable hours, expenses, and any non-billable flat fees incurred during the legal process. Display Non-Billable Entries

Lawcus – New Features July 2023

Inline Editing: Lawcus now allows legal professionals to effortlessly update field values without having to navigate to individual records. This means users can edit case information directly from list view, saving valuable time and reducing the hassle of managing multiple

Lawcus – New Features May 2023

New Intake Form Question Types: Lawcus has expanded the option types available on intake forms. With the addition of a rating scale, opinion scale, and table options that include radio buttons, checkboxes, textboxes, dropdowns, and numeric textboxes, data collection becomes