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Lawcus – New Features February 2023

Activity Aggregates: Lawcus has introduced activity aggregates to simplify invoicing and provide clarity on services rendered. These aggregates can be done in three ways: Aggregate All, Aggregate By Activity Category, and Aggregate By Timekeeper. The first option combines all line

Lawcus – New Features November 2022

Our product managers are always on the look out on how to improve Lawcus for you. While we continue to work hard on building features that add value to your business, we bring year’s biggest series of exciting additions that

Lawcus: New Features August 2022

Spanish Support: Lawcus dashboard now supports Spanish language. This means that users can translate the entire dashboard to Spanish for their convenience and ease of use. Not only this, but the client portal also gets auto-translated to Spanish based on

Lawcus-New Features July 2022

Websockets API: The Websocket API allows an interactive two way communication between your browser and the lawcus’s server. You can now send messages to lawcus’ server and receive responses without having to repeatedly hard refresh the window or browser Default

Lawcus – New Features June 2022

We’re back with another update in May. We’re super excited to tell you all about our advancements in the Intake Forms. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve built exclusively for you: Bind intake forms to custom fields: This release allows you

Lawcus – Feature Update May 2022

We’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to make Lawcus even more powerful and useful for you. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added some exciting new features to enhance your Lawcus experience! Automation Folders Organize your automation features