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Lawcus – New Features May 2024

Take control of your finances with Lawcus Payments, powered by Confido Legal. Our platform offers convenience and reliability to you and your clients. Lawcus Payments offers same-day Automated Clearing House (ACH) or eCheck deposits with per-transaction limits of up to

Lawcus – New Features April 2024

Custom Report Builder: Lawcus now allows you to create all types of reports, using the most powerful report builder, to shape and analyze your legal data according to your unique analytical needs. 100+ Standard Reports: From matter summaries to payment

Lawcus – New Features March 2024

Write-Offs: With the help of write-offs or credit notes, Lawcus now makes it simple to modify invoices and make adjustments. You can write off a partially paid invoice or accommodate negotiated discounts, but issuing a credit note is all in

Lawcus – New Features February 2024

Multiple Bill Recipients: You can now effortlessly share bills with multiple contacts without the hassle of manually entering each recipient every time. When editing or creating matters, you can add multiple recipients, making it a breeze to share invoices in

Lawcus – New Features January 2024

Lawcus Nova, our proprietary generative AI tool will revolutionize how you operate your legal practice. With Lawcus Nova, we combine technology with automation to streamline your daily operations and elevate your client relationships. Effortlessly draft personalized emails, text messages, notes,

Lawcus – New Features December 2023

Independent Read Status for Multi-User Conversations: The read or unread status is now determined per-user, ensuring that when one user reads a message, it remains unread for others until they view it themselves. In remote team environments, team members often work