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31st August 2023

Lawcus – New Features August 2023

  • Add Non-Billable Entries to Your Matters: You can effortlessly add non-billable flat fees and expenses to Lawcus alongside time entries. Provide detailed breakdowns of billable hours, expenses, and any non-billable flat fees incurred during the legal process.

  • Display Non-Billable Entries on Your Invoices: Say goodbye to discrepancies and errors! With Lawcus, you can rest assured that your invoices reflect the exact non-billable hours, flat fees, and expenses associated with your legal services, providing transparency and boosting client trust. The entries will be displayed on the invoice with a strikethrough, signifying that they are not being billed.

  • Edit Time Entries In Bulk: Bulk Time Entry Editing lets you select and modify multiple entries simultaneously, saving you substantial time and effort.

  • Support for QuickBooks Desktop: Lawcus now let’s you export your invoices from Lawcus into QuickBooks Desktop format for accounting purposes. This offers a flexible and professional invoice formatting feature that allows businesses to create customized invoices tailored to their specific needs.

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