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28th September 2023

Lawcus – New Features September 2023

  • Improved Invoice UI: Lawcus has gone above and beyond to elevate your invoicing experience by integrating a user-friendly design and achieving lightning-fast performance through a revamped and enhanced user interface.
  • Edit Line Totals: Lawcus allows users to fine-tune the line totals while billing to cater to instant rate adjustments. The rate automatically changes to reflect any changes made to the line totals.
  • Enhanced Line Descriptions: You can now access and convey every nuance of your billable activities, ensuring absolute transparency for both you and your clients. With all relevant information readily visible, you won’t have to scroll through truncated descriptions.
  • Add contacts from Invoice: Say goodbye to switching between screens to add new contacts before invoicing. Now, you can do it all in one place, while staying connected to the invoice you’re working on. Fill in the necessary information, click ‘Save,’ and voilà!
  • Improved File System: You can now drag your files directly from your computer and drop them into the Files section. You can also drag individual files and drop them into folders to organize your documents.
  • Effortless Downloads: Lawcus now allows you to download all files or individual folders to your system with just one click. Your files are neatly organized as a .ZIP archive and sent to your email inbox, ensuring immediate access.
  • Seamless Uploads: You can now seamlessly upload an entire folder while retaining its file structure, eliminating the need to upload files individually and then move them around. Say goodbye to the tedious process of uploading files one by one.

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