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31st May 2023

Lawcus – New Features May 2023

  • New Intake Form Question Types: Lawcus has expanded the option types available on intake forms. With the addition of a rating scale, opinion scale, and table options that include radio buttons, checkboxes, textboxes, dropdowns, and numeric textboxes, data collection becomes more versatile and precise.
  • Client Portal for Leads: The client portal is now available for leads. Streamline your communication processes and the way you nurture your leads. Seamlessly respond to inquiries, share essential documents, and exchange messages securely, all in one convenient location.
  • Grid Data Grouping and Aggregation: Effortlessly organize your data based on specific criteria or categories and create comprehensive data summaries with just a few clicks. You can group or aggregate related data elements together, making it easier to identify trends within your grid data.
  • Stage Column for Leads: This feature provides you with a visual representation of your leads’ progress through your pipeline, enabling you to track and manage them more effectively. Streamline your workflow, prioritize follow-ups, and gain valuable insights into your lead conversion rates.
  • Grand Total on Client Trust Balance Report:  To further enhance your trust management process, we have added the Grand Total to the Client Trust Balance Report. This addition offers a comprehensive overview of your trust account balances, helping you make informed decisions and maintain compliance with trust accounting regulations.
  • Remove Selected Leads: With our “Remove Selected Leads” option, you can now effortlessly declutter your lead list by removing multiple leads in just a few clicks. Save time, and optimize your lead management process to stay on top of actionable opportunities.
  • Dialpad: Lawcus has partnered with Dialpad to offer an all-in-one business communication platform. One of the standout features of this integration is the automatic real-time call transcription, which captures all essential details such as speaker talk times, timestamps, and more. Moreover, all calls are automatically logged into Lawcus, including the timestamp, duration, and relevant matters. This not only saves valuable time but also provides an efficient and organized way of keeping track of important information. In addition, users can effortlessly call their clients directly from Lawcus with just a single click on their number.

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