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30th April 2023

Lawcus – New Features April 2023

  • New Columns For Leads: Users can now effortlessly view and manage their leads’ contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers, in one location. Users can streamline their lead tracking and follow-up efforts, ensuring that no potential business opportunities slip through the cracks.
  • New Columns For Activities: Lawcus allows users to view category, Matter Responsible Attorney, and Matter Origination Attorney in the activities section. This provides a greater insight and control over workflow, making it easier to track, assign, and manage tasks across the entire team.
  • Option to Customize Team Reminders Subject: Lawcus now allows users to customize the subject line of team reminders. Previously, this option was not available, but now you can tailor the subject line to fit your team’s specific needs.
  • Share Files Directly from Matters Section: You can easily share individual files with your users, clients, or anyone else you need to collaborate with. Simply navigate to the Files tab on the Matter Details page, select the file you want to share, and click on the “Share” button. From there, you can choose to share the file via Lawcus directly.

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