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27th December 2023

Lawcus – New Features December 2023

  • Independent Read Status for Multi-User Conversations: The read or unread status is now determined per-user, ensuring that when one user reads a message, it remains unread for others until they view it themselves. In remote team environments, team members often work across different time zones or have varying schedules. The Independent Read/Unread Status feature helps address this challenge by ensuring that team members are synchronized, even if they are not online simultaneously.
  • Compose Interactions with Assigned Members: Lawcus now allows client portal users to initiate interactions with members assigned to the respective matters seamlessly. This refined approach replaces the previous interaction where all members were displayed, further reducing potential confusion and creating a more intuitive and efficient communication experience for your clients.
  • Assign Users Automatically in Solo User Teams: When multiple tasks are created simultaneously, it can be overwhelming for a single user to assign each task to themselves manually. The Auto Assign User feature eliminates this manual effort by automatically assigning all incoming tasks to the sole user. This streamlines task distribution and ensures that every task is promptly assigned and accounted for.
  • Matter Currency: With Lawcus, you can seamlessly switch the default currency, for that matter, ensuring that all billing data and invoices are presented in the default currency. Not only that, you can also change the default currency directly while creating invoices for a particular matter. This use case may apply to a client holding offices in different countries.