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21st May 2021

Matter custom rates and other new updates

Hey Lawcus Community! We have new updates for you! See a list of the new features we added for you!

  • Matter custom rates (multi)- Lawcus now allows an unlimited number of rates to be added under each matter. This is helpful when multiple attorneys are working on a matter, and each attorney has their own rate.
  • Send a bill to multiple contacts- Now, you can send invoices to multiple contacts and add a CC or BCC.
  • Accounts – Lawcus now allows you to have one trust default account and one operating default account in the case of having multiple trusts or operating accounts.
  • Leads – New options added under columns. Your leads dashboard is now able to show who referred the lead and when it was created.
  • Workflows – ‘Matter tags’ and ‘matter stage’ fields have been added to workflows.
  • Improvements to Invoices page. Ability to search and download invoices list.
  • Right-click now available in new areas of our website such as matters and tasks, matter task details, and contacts.

Watch video: https://www.loom.com/share/679c81c1c14c4584a8c55e6bdeb8e79e

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