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16th May 2024

Lawcus – New Features May 2024

Take control of your finances with Lawcus Payments, powered by Confido Legal. Our platform offers convenience and reliability to you and your clients.

  • Lawcus Payments offers same-day Automated Clearing House (ACH) or eCheck deposits with per-transaction limits of up to $1 million.
  • There are no additional fees. If you have subscribed to Lawcus, you will, by default, have access to Lawcus payments for free.
  • Lawcus Payments allows you to charge credit card fees to clients when they make payments, but only in states where it is legally permitted.
  • Our Trust Requests feature simplifies requesting funds or retainers from clients. You can create invoices and request funds directly from the trust account, streamlining the financial process for both you and your clients.

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