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2nd August 2019

Introducing Invoice Templates and more!

Over last month we released updates that many of you have asked, featuring:

  • Invoice Templates: Ability to create different invoice templates for different case types or situations.
  • New Client Filter on Contacts: When enabled, this filter will only show you clients in the contact list.
  • Matter Number Override: This will allow you to change the system generated matter numbers.
  • Workflows(beta): Now Emails and SMSs sent from workflows will be logged on matters with links to the workflow.
  • Emails: More intuitive view for opening attached emails. Email details are shown in a popup and will have your native email client look and feel.
  • Email Signature: Create an email signature that will appear at the end of your email messages sent out from Lawcus.
  • New Fields on Contacts: Added new default fields – Date of Birthday, Gender and Notes.
  • Improved Filters: Work efficiently with lists using our advanced and improved filters for reports, matters, invoices, and matter export.