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Lawcus Blog
29th November 2022

Feature Release: November 2022

We’ve been working hard to add and improve features to Lawcus in order to increase its value for you. We’ve made some significant upgrades and added a ton of new features. We are thrilled to share the new features and improvements that are now live in the platform. Learn how Lawcus’ updated features can improve your ability to serve clients and keep your business running effectively in a continually changing world. 

Here’s a list of upgrades specially designed for you:

Team Inbox:

Lawcus has built up a shared inbox to make communications better for you and your clients. Team inbox is a collaborative communication space designed for firms and individuals to help them track, analyze and respond to queries with more efficiency than ever. Enhance the productivity of your team by organizing all conversations in one place. Lawcus now comes with the accessibility for the admin to assign text messages to different users and also add internal notes for any personal reference. Best of all is that messages on the client portal now have threads for better record-keeping of conversations.

Two Way Text Messaging:

Texting has always proved to be a great way to keep in touch with your clients. As a lawyer, if you’ve not yet included this as a part of your daily communications, you’re definitely missing out on something crucial to your legal business. In Addition to emails, Lawcus now allows you to engage with clients in a faster and efficient manner via Two way text messages. Send, receive and manage all conversations in one place with a system generated phone number which stays same with each text message, making it easier for the recipient to know who it is. 

Contact Our Support Team To Enable Two-Way Text Messaging For You.

Contact Integration With Google Contacts and Microsoft 365

Our motive has always been to make Lawcus as easy and as efficient as possible. With this exciting upgrade Lawcus allows users to sync contacts to Google contacts and Microsoft 365 making it easy to browse contacts and find your client’s contact information on Lawcus, from anywhere and at anytime. This feature is a two way integration which means, it allows you to import all contacts from Google to Lawcus and vice-versa when you connect your Lawcus account to Google Workspace or Microsoft Office. Learn how this feature works and right away maximize your efficiency by browsing through important information On-The-Go.

Multicurrency Billing

With the idea of giving clients a user-friendly localised experience Lawcus brings you an addition to the invoice templates to add custom currency fields for overseas clients. The currency can be changed from invoice settings based on the location of the clients. When your consumer reviews their invoices and it is shown in their local currency, there is no uncertainty, no need for them to ask inquiries, and there are no unpleasant surprises.


Multi-Brand Invoices

It’s important to display your brand on your invoices. With this in mind, Lawcus now gives you the accessibility to add different logos to each of your invoices. You can now send fully personalised invoices if you manage more than one company or business through a single account. Creating branded invoices for each of your businesses allows customers to recognize you and continues to be a crucial way to present your brand to potential customers. Using your brand logo is of utmost importance when it comes to establishing a very strong brand presence and Lawcus lets you have a different logo for each of yor businesses. What Better! In addition to changing logo, currency and making other customisations on your invoice templates, you can also add custom address from invoice settings if you hold more than one offices. You can access this feature from invoice templates section in bill settings.


Sub-Totals on Invoices

With a bunch of invoice template additions, we aim to deliver a very powerful billing and invoicing software for legal businesses of any size. With that being said, Lawcus now allows you to enable activity totals on the invoice templates. This means that users will be able to see the totals of time entries, flat fees and expense entries on the invoice for enough transparency. Seeing all the entry totals at once makes room for a lot of clarity on how the clients are being charged.


More On Invoices!

Lawcus now allows you to add Matter Name and Matter Number on all the invoice themes. You can create fully personalized and professional-looking invoices that enhance your business communications. It also allows you to choose whether you want to add the Matter Name or the Matter Number or a combination of both. No more worrying about brand recognition and customer retention, we’ve got you covered.


Enhanced Notifications:

Notifications are the best way of quick communications and record keeping. While managing a legal business online, it is always important to stay notified on important updates from clients. Thus, Lawcus has come up with crucial additions to the notification settings that now lets you:

  • Receive a notification when a teammate accepts the invitation.
  • Receive a notification when the client user accepts the invitation to join the client portal.
  • Receive an email notification for a completed task on matters you are a member of.

Internal Intake Forms

Lawcus now allows you to hide intake forms by marking them as “Internal Forms”. Law firms can access this feature from the “intake forms” option in automations. All the forms marked as Internal won’t show on the client portal anymore.




We also have a new integration partner to improvise your experience with Lawcus. Intaker integrates with Lawcus to offer the best of marketing and chat automation to assist you in generating, capturing, and qualifying leads. Following up with leads is no lawyer’s favorite part of running a law firm but plays a vital role in maximizing growth and revenue. This is where Intaker helps Lawcus clients to efficiently manage and automate client conversations by setting reminders, logging calls in one convenient location. Let automation do the chasing while your team does the closing.