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9th May 2022

Ticket Lawyers Uses Lawcus to Contest Traffic Violation and Save Licences.

“Traffic violation legal defense requires speed and swiftness. Lawcus fortifies us with the speed needed to salvage licenses quickly” – Julien Lesperance, Partner at Ticket Lawyers.

Imagine getting pulled over for a traffic violation and being seconds away from losing your license. It would be best if you had someone to help fight, and who better to call than recognized traffic lawyers.

Who are Ticket Lawyers?

Ticket Lawyers is a specialized legal service provider whose lawyers are experienced in traffic violation legal defense. Numerous citizens in Quebec count on this law firm when they want to contest and dispute traffic tickets issued for red light burning, double line crossings, impaired driving, stop line crossings, speeding, etc.

Before Lawcus, the team relied on Google cloud solutions such as Drive, Documents, Agenda, etc. So, in a sense, Ticket Lawyers were somewhat cloud-based but not entirely. 

“We realized we were missing an all-inclusive cloud tool with which to manage our everyday legal affairs,” Julien says

Challenges Brought To Lawcus

With the free time availed by the COVID-19 crisis, Julien Lesperance went in search of a central enterprise solution from which they could keep a tab on everything from upcoming court dates to fees, trust accounting, notes, deliverables, workflow automation, client files, and much more.

Julien began testing and demoing significant applications, including Clio, Cosmolex, PracticePanther, and a range of others, following the firm’s exhaustive research of practice management options.

During the search process for the new software, Julien stumbled upon Lawcus in a video review on legal tech tools, completed our 14-day trial, and then made the switch over to Lawcus. 

Ticket Lawyers Lawcus

“Frankly, no software at that time was going as far as Lawcus was – specifically in the area of workflow automation, and that was the one big difference that convinced us to go with Lawcus.” 

Ticket Lawyers is happy with its usage of Lawcus, particularly with the speed of support, data migration, and onboarding.

Ticket Lawyers believes Lawcus is one such solution that don’t settle for less and are willing to go far.

“We knew Lawcus was an evolving product before signing up. Therefore, We are glad that Lawcus continues to deliver by coming up with features identified as important to be efficient in everyday law firm management and operations.”

Lawcus Usage: The Impacts on Ticket Lawyers

Scaling up Firm-wide Efficiency 

Before Ticket Lawyers made a shift, it had little idea what the change could mean for the firm, growth-wise. Julien says the ability to do much more with the limited number of capable hands available is just endless.

“Despite our current utilization of just about 40-50% of Lawcus’ capabilities, our firm has been able to cut down close to 20% of the time previously spent on low-level tasks”.

And it doesn’t stop there. They are confident that as their employees become more familiar with and utilize the legal practice management tool’s capabilities. They will be able to handle 50% more cases or clients even with the current size of their team.

Real-time Transparency and Overview

The problem of real-time oversight of ongoing activities’ when managing law firms is one that several legal providers face frequently, and specialized law firms like Ticket Lawyers aren’t left out in this predicament.

Julien says one of the fascinating things about Lawcus is the ability to get a detailed overview of everything

“The ability to digitally visualize everything about the office from where we are to where we want to go, all on a Lawcus browser tab, is just amazing.”

Efficient in-house Management with Lawcus

Ticket Lawyers sought a virtual practice management software for efficient management of in-house operations. And Lawcus did come through.

“Lawcus came through in helping to efficiently navigate the maze of client files, ongoing cases and court dates. Our legal team could focus more of their time on high-level legal-specific tasks to deliver optimally on client needs.”


Ticket Lawyers is a good provider of top-notch legal services in traffic law practice with help of its experienced advocates. By matching these skill sets and experience with Lawcus, the law firm is rightly positioning itself for incredible growth and productivity.

To learn more about Ticket Lawyers, visit them at www.avocatscontravention.ca/en 

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