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31st July 2022

Lawcus-New Features July 2022

  • Websockets API: The Websocket API allows an interactive two way communication between your browser and the lawcus’s server. You can now send messages to lawcus’ server and receive responses without having to repeatedly hard refresh the window or browser
  • Default Tax Settings: Lawcus introduces an all new way to make your billing and invoicing easier and more customizable by letting you adjust default tax settings for all your future bills. The default tax settings allow you to ease the task of adding taxes to every single invoice manually.
  • Send Matter Details And Invoices to Related Contact: Lawcus now allows you to send invoices and matter details to not just the client but also to the related matter contacts. This feature can be used when you want to send matter details/invoice with multiple people at once.
  • Integrations

 1. Kennect: Kenect Integrates with Lawcus to help you engage with your customers through text or video chat, generate online reviews, gather leads from website and collect payments. This will save you time, get you more clients, and connect you with customers and clients more quickly.

2. FastVisa.Us: FastVisa integrates with Lawcus to gice you the best in class workflow automation and case management, specifically designed for immigration law firms. FastVisa assists you in organising your cases so that you won’t have to deal with a plethora of disorganised details.