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26th September 2017

Launching Trust Accounting, Matter Timelines & more!

We’ve been hard at work since you last saw us. Now you can track all your client’s money with our Trust accounting and look at how we’ve made it easy to record phone calls, meetings, facts, and issues on the matters.

  • Trust Accounting: Trust Accounting to help you manage your client’s money with ease and get paid. Ability to make payments, record transactions, transfer funds and mater to matter transfers.
  • Matter Timelines: Ability to record and organize phone calls, meetings, facts, and issues on the matters. The user can also filter message stream by the activity types.
  • Flat Rate Matters: The user can select flat rate billing or un-billable option for matters. For flat rate matters system will automatically generate a time entry for the flat fee amount.
  • Default Billing Rates: Ability to set default rates for users and matters. Allows users to switch rates on time entries.
  • Time Rounding: Enabling time rounding will allow you to configure the rounding increments for time entries.