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2nd June 2021

Launching exit conditions for drip campaigns and other new updates!

Exit & Entry rules for automation: Entry rules have been added to define when a workflow starts. / Exit rules have also been added to define when a workflow ends.

Activities: -View how many hours you work daily, weekly, monthly, etc. -Export time entries, expense entries, or flat fees from right here! Just click on export, and you can export to CSV, PDF, or XLSX. -Set your own filters, and Lawcus will save your preferences for you. -Set activities list filtered by an attorney to see only your hours. -Total amount is now added at the bottom of the activity dashboard.

Matters: ‘Use template’ option available to assign multiple users to a case with their custom rate.

Settings – Manage Your Organization: Turn off billing for a specific account by selecting the billing status as ‘inactive.’ You will no longer be billed for this account. -Admin can see which users have turned on 2-factor-authentication.

Transaction section under matters now has ‘withdraw’ option available. Contacts: ‘Withdraw’ option also available under Contacts->Transactions.

Invoices: -All columns are now completely sortable so you can now sort by matter or other preferences.

Watch video: https://www.loom.com/share/e33efcf08d614a4db425dab1fc639d61