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12th November 2022

Lawcus – New Features November 2022

Our product managers are always on the look out on how to improve Lawcus for you. While we continue to work hard on building features that add value to your business, we bring year’s biggest series of exciting additions that we made to Lawcus just for you: 

  • Two Way Text Messaging: Lawcus now allows you to engage with clients in a faster and efficient manner via 2 way text messages. Send, receive and manage all conversations in one place with a system generated phone number.
  • Team inbox: It is a collaborative communication space designed for firms and individuals to help them track, analyze and respond with more efficiency than ever. Assign messages, add internal notes, track conversations with threads on client portal messages and much more. 
  • Contact Integration: Lawcus allows you to import contacts from Google/Outlook and vice-versa when you connect your account to Google Workspace. Users can browse, search and find their client’s contact information on the go.
  • Multicurrency Billing: Custom currency fields can now be added to the invoice templates for overseas clients. The currency can be changed from invoice settings.
  • Multi-Brand Invoices: You can now send fully personalised invoices if you manage more than one company or business through a single account. Lawcus now gives you the accessibility to add different logos and addresses to each of your invoices.
  • SubTotals: Lawcus now allows you to enable activity totals to see the totals of time entries, flat fees and expense entries on the invoice for enough transparency.
  • Notifications: Lawcus now lets you enable notifications for each time when a teammate accepts the invitation, when the client user accepts the invitation to join the client portal and when an existing client shares a new matter.
  • Finance Information: Lawcus now let’s you view the finance information in the lead section. With this addition, lawcus aims at allowing users to send invoices directly from the leads section.
  • Internal Intake Forms: Lawcus now allows you to mark your intake forms as “Internal Forms” for in-house data entry purposes. All the forms marked as Internal won’t show on the client portal anymore.
  • Intaker: Intaker integrates with Lawcus to offer the best of marketing and chat automation to assist you in generating, capturing, and qualifying leads.