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30th March 2023

Lawcus – New Features March 2023

  • Full Data Exports: A powerful new feature that is designed to help our users manage their legal practice more efficiently. Here’s how Full Data Exports can benefit you:
  1. Export contacts, leads, matters, tasks, activities, invoices, and transactions in a .csv file format
  2. Create customized reports by filtering and targeting specific fields to gain valuable insights into key metrics
  3. Export the entire data set for efficient and effective data management, allowing you to transfer data between different platforms, create backups, or share information with others
  4. Identify trends and patterns in your legal practice by making data-driven decisions
  5. Access important information quickly and easily, empowering you to provide the best possible service to your clients
  • Save Filter Settings: Lawcus enables users to save their preferred sorting settings on contacts, matters, leads, activities and transactions, ensuring that they can quickly access and utilize their desired arrangement of data. This feature offers a convenient way for legal professionals to easily organize and categorize their data according to their preferences.
  • Attorney Revenue Report: We have added two new filters, “Matter Originating Attorney” and “Matter Responsible Attorney,” that enable users to track revenue generated by specific attorneys that bring in new business and evaluate individual attorney performance respectively.


Mailchimp: The Lawcus and Mailchimp integration provides legal professionals with a comprehensive solution for practice management and marketing. By syncing Lawcus contacts with Mailchimp, users can automate their email campaigns, keep their contacts organized, and access advanced analytics. This integration streamlines the email marketing process, saving users time and effort, and helping them achieve their business goals with greater ease.

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