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29th February 2024

Lawcus – New Features February 2024

  • Multiple Bill Recipients: You can now effortlessly share bills with multiple contacts without the hassle of manually entering each recipient every time. When editing or creating matters, you can add multiple recipients, making it a breeze to share invoices in bulk or individually.
  • Xero Integration: You can now seamlessly manage tax, discounts, and credit notes directly from your Lawcus invoices, all effortlessly mapped to your Xero account. With this update, you can streamline your accounting processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency every step of the way. 
  • Enhanced new Aggregation Option on invoices: Our improved invoice aggregation summarizes all your actions on a single line item. Not just that, we know how important it is for legal bills to be straightforward. That’s why the last page of the invoice has a thorough list of all the things that were done.
  • Save and duplicate activity entries: You now have the option to save and duplicate the entries. For instance, if you frequently create similar activity entries in a matter, you can duplicate a new entry that you create, make any necessary adjustments, and save it as a new entry.
  • New Permissions Finance information: With this new feature, Lawcus gives you greater control over your financial data. You can now grant permission to users in your firm to access the financial information of a matter or lead.
  • Remaining Trust Balance: You can now choose to show the remaining trust balances on invoices to ensure that your clients are well-informed about their trust accounts. After deducting the outstanding amount from your trust account, Lawcus will automatically calculate your remaining trust balance. 
  • Option to Disable Primary/Secondary Tax per Line Item: Lawcus now allows you to disable primary and secondary taxes per line item directly within the invoices section with just one click, saving you time and minimizing errors.
  • Two New Client Name Formats: Lawcus has introduced two new client name formats: ‘Last Name’ ‘First Name,’ ‘Middle Name’ and ‘Last Name,’ ‘First Name’. You can now choose your preferred name format from the organization preferences in the firm settings. 
  • New Merge Fields for Document Templates: You can tailor your document templates by mapping your organization details with the new merge fields.
    *Now {Matter.Client.Name} will be displayed in ‘First Name’ ‘Middle Name’ ‘Last Name’ format.



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