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28th February 2023

Lawcus – New Features February 2023

  • Activity Aggregates: Lawcus has introduced activity aggregates to simplify invoicing and provide clarity on services rendered. These aggregates can be done in three ways: Aggregate All, Aggregate By Activity Category, and Aggregate By Timekeeper. The first option combines all line items into a single line while the second and third options group them by activity types and timekeepers, respectively.
  • Improved Data Grid: Lawcus has introduced significant enhancements to the data grid system, which includes new features such as multi-level sorting and data logic conditions. This update enables users to improve grid reports by configuring the sorting of grid data by several columns, thereby enhancing the accuracy of search results.
  • Matter Name on Invoices: Lawcus enables users to modify the format of matter names on invoices in three different ways. You now have the option to display either the matter name, matter number, or both on your invoices.
  • Client Portal Updates: You can now invite clients to the client portal, granting them access to all pertinent communications and invoices linked to a particular matter. Furthermore, using a toggle button, you can quickly share documents with all members associated with the matter.
  • Task Exports: We have added a new feature that enables you to export your tasks list. With this new functionality, you can easily export your tasks list to a excel format, making it simple to share and collaborate with others.
  • Advanced Reporting With List View: We have introduced a new all matter and leads list, which provides enhanced reporting capabilities for leads and matters. With this new functionality, you can easily generate reports based on a variety of parameters, including custom fields and date ranges. This feature makes it effortless to track and analyze key metrics such as total leads opened and closed, and matter-related data.
  • Improved Performance: We’ve cut the load time by a staggering 70% for teams with tens of thousands of contacts or matters. This means faster load times, quicker navigation, and an overall smoother experience.
  • Discount Column on Invoices: This feature enables you to show the discount column on invoices only when a discount is applicable. This means if there is no discount applicable on a particular invoice for a matter, the discount column won’t show.


  • Milestones: Lawcus integrates with Get Milestone to bring you the best of client communication with less work on your part. Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications. Using this integration, you can notify clients that you are still working on a particular matter. These text message updates will be sent at the frequency that you specify. Message your entire client base with a few clicks.