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Lawcus Blog
28th February 2023

Feature Release: February 2023

The spring season calls for the coolest series of feature releases. Lawcus team has got you covered with it’s batch of exciting new additions in the midst of this sweater weather. We sincerely thank you for helping us come up with something new every time. Learn how our February release brings you the best of practice management in the cloud.

Here’s a bunch of features exclusively curated for you:

Activity Aggregates

Showing every entry on the invoices make it lengthy and monotonous to read. Generating invoices with a limited detail level is the best way to keep your clients inquiring about attorneys’ services. To help you create invoices that are compact and consolidated, Lawcus has come up with activity aggregates, that combine all of the activity items in one.

lawcus images

This simplifies invoicing in the cloud and clarifies the services rendered to the clients in brief. Avoid the hassle of creating lengthy and inconsistent invoices by aggregating line items in the following ways:

  • Aggregate All
    This option enables you to aggregate all the line items into a single line i.e. you can have just a single line invoice for each matter.
  • Aggregate By Activity Category
    This option enables you to aggregate line items according to activity types i.e. you can consolidate all the time, expense and flat fee entry in a single line.
  • Aggregate By Timekeeper
    This option enables you to aggregate line items by each of the timekeepers i.e. you can display all the services rendered by one attorney in a single line.

Data Grid

This update significantly changes the look and feel of the entire dashboard. From the tasks to automation, all sections of the dashboard now come with advanced reporting capabilities and improved filters for sorting data on multiple levels. You heard us right! Lawcus now allows you to sort grid data by multiple columns at multiple levels. Get accurate and crisp reports when you export data and stay on top of analytics. Not just this, we have also introduced AND/OR logic conditions to filters where you can sort data that meets more than one condition. Create seamless reports and track the growth of your legal business in the cloud with this exceptional addition in Lawcus.

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For instance, you can filter contacts on the basis of their birth date/month/year with our advanced date filters and choose to filter data with the help of a plethora of options. This can be used while planning for email campaigns just so you never miss out on the special days of your clients.

lawcus images

Create referral reports and reward clients who bring in the most referrals. Filter grid data based on custom fields at multiple levels for efficient access to the information you need.

lawcus images

Filtering grid data based on custom fields at multiple levels is now simpler than ever. With Lawcus, you can choose the custom field name to filter the grid data and access the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Task Exports

We have added a new feature that enables you to export your tasks list. With this new functionality, you can easily export your tasks list to a excel format, making it simple to share and collaborate with others.

Matter Name Format 

With Lawcus, you can now choose between three distinct formats for the matter name on the invoices. On the invoices, you can now select to display the matter name, the matter number, or both from a drop down menu. You can effortlessly identify and track down matters with the help of this update.

lawcus images

Client Portal Updates

We have upgraded our client portal UI to offer a seamless user experience while ensuring maximum security. Our revamped UI now incorporates a verification process that allows you to verify clients before inviting them to the portal, thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. This upgraded interface makes it easy for you to invite clients to the portal and grant them access to all relevant communications and invoices related to a specific matter.

Additionally, you can use a toggle button to promptly share documents with all the members associated with the matter.

Improved Performance

We’ve cut the load time by a staggering 70% for teams with tens of thousands of contacts or matters. This means faster load times, quicker navigation, and an overall smoother experience. We know that time is precious, especially in the legal industry, and we’re committed to helping you save as much of it as possible. Try Lawcus today and experience lightning-fast performance, no matter how large your team may be.

Advanced Reporting With List View

We have introduced a new all matter and leads list, which provides enhanced reporting capabilities for leads and matters. With this new functionality, you can easily generate reports based on a variety of parameters, including custom fields and date ranges. This feature makes it effortless to track and analyze key metrics such as total leads opened and closed, and matter-related data. With the ability to customize your reports, you can gain deeper insights into your workflows and make data-driven decisions to optimize your processes. 

Discount Column on Invoices

With this improvement, we aim to enhance the simplification of invoices. This feature enables you to show the discount column on invoices only when there is a discount applicable on the invoice. This means if there is no discount applicable on a particular invoice for a matter, the discount column won’t show.



Lawcus integrates with Get Milestone to bring you the best of client communication with less work on your part. Eliminate unnecessary communication and improve customer experience with automatic update notifications. Using this integration, you can notify clients that you are still working on a particular matter. These text message updates will be sent at the frequency that you specify. Message your entire client base with a few clicks.

We hope these new bunch of features improve your experience with Lawcus significantly. We promise to see you more exciting upgrades very soon. Until then, we would love to hear from you, if you still have questions feel free to reach us at support@lawcus.com or visit us.