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Lawcus Blog
25th September 2023

Unveiling Lawcus Nova: Leveraging AI Powered Automation To Streamline Your Practice

Lawcus envisions providing cutting-edge tools that make your daily hassle a breeze. The all-in-one legal practice management software company joins the revolution to become the future of legal practice by bringing the best of generative AI to its users. We stay on top of technological developments in the legal sector to transform your law firm into a smart firm. 

We take pride in introducing you to Lawcus Nova, a proprietary generative AI tool built to streamline how legal professionals and law firms operate fundamentally. That said, Nova marks itself as a significant milestone as it establishes a major intersection of technology and legal client relationship management. Crafted on open-source Large Language Models (LLMs), Nova ensures accurate and human-like-sounding communications. Lawcus modernizes legal operations in the cloud by utilizing the power of AI and its built-in no-code automation. Nova AI is expected to be available to legal professionals in early 2024.

Advanced Writing Assistance

The most significant functionality of the first generation of Lawcus Nova is that it acts as an advanced writing assistant that will draft various communications forms, including personalized emails, text messages, notes, and tasks and matter descriptions. Nova can save up to 5 hours/per week by automating routine writing tasks. Lawyers frequently find themselves caught up in tedious things like crafting emails and text messages to clients, and Lawcus Nova is here to change that. Say goodbye to creative blockades and hello to streamlined legal operations. 

That’s not all; we understand effective client communication goes beyond simple text messages and email replies. That’s why our generative AI software has been engineered to help draft compelling and impactful email journeys and follow-up journeys. By leveraging the capabilities of Nova along with our unparalleled workflow automation, you can effortlessly nurture your clients and foster stronger relationships. Build trust and rapport to set you apart from the competition as you take your journey ahead with Nova.

An Intensive Beta Program

This is Lawcus’s first step towards enhancing the way you operate your legal business, which is a result of rigorous back-and-forth testing. We have ambitious plans as we advance further towards building the second generation of Nova, expanding its AI capabilities to elevate practice management across multiple dimensions. Among the forthcoming advancements:

  • AI will power comprehensive reporting, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data analysis.
  • Document summarization will be seamlessly integrated to streamline document management.
  • Additionally, you can also create matter summaries and communicate more effectively with clients.

Utmost Data Security 

What’s more, you can trust Nova AI for the highest level of security and privacy. We take strict measures to eliminate any risks of data leaks or unauthorized access, and as a result, we do not store any sensitive data. This means that your information remains secure at all times. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your legal practice with Lawcus Nova. Discover a new level of creativity and efficiency with us! 

The Most Important Outcome? Access To Justice For All

Lawcus was created with a vision to make the lives of lawyers and their staff easier. Also, increasing people’s access to justice is a key component of Harsimran’s goal for Lawcus. Nova will almost certainly help lawyers do better and enjoy their work more as they focus on the things most say they wish they could prioritize but don’t have the room for today. 

By leveraging the power Nova’s AI functionality,, lawyers can manage how they allocate their resources and manage their bandwidth. Our advanced AI tool reduces manual and redundant work, cutting down on costs and giving attorneys more time to attend to this section of society that is facing difficulties. Nova, here, acts as a force multiplier for legal organizations, helping them work through their backlog and serve more clients. Doing this at scale will mean increasing access to justice for everyone. We are so proud and grateful to be getting us all one step closer to our vision.  


By bringing in Nova AI, Lawcus aims to not only enhance legal writing but also redefine your entire practice management experience, setting a new standard for productivity in the legal profession. Nova promises to be a game changer, empowering legal professionals with state-of-the-art AI capabilities across various aspects of legal operations. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your legal practice with Lawcus Nova. Discover a new level of creativity and efficiency with us! Schedule a demo now.