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30th November 2023

Lawcus – New Features November 2023

  • Practice Area Filter on Revenue Report: Lawcus now allows users to filter revenue reports by practice areas, enabling them to easily analyze and track their income generated from specific areas of expertise. 
  • Option to Use Gender as Question Type on Intake Forms: Lawcus has included the option to utilize gender as a question type on intake forms. This new feature allows law firms to collect and store gender-related data during the client intake process.
  • New Entry Rule: Payment Received: Lawcus now enables you to synchronize your payment workflows seamlessly with a new automation trigger. This means that whenever a payment is received, the corresponding workflow will automatically be triggered, streamlining your process even further.
  • Exit Rule Based on Lead Type: This addition allows you to tailor your strategies with precision, employing lead types as triggers for exits—namely, “Hired,” “Not Hired,” and “Converted.” This granular control over your workflow ensures that your drip campaigns are not just emails but strategic operations, adapting to the journey of each lead.
  • Exit Rule based on Latest Lead/Matter: Lawcus has introduced the option to utilize the last matter or lead created in workflows for exit rule conditions. This game-changing addition empowers you to wield the Last Matter/Lead created in your workflow as a potent Exit Rule condition, offering a dynamic shift in the way you navigate and manage your workflows, providing a more comprehensive and targeted automation experience.

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