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31st August 2022

Lawcus: New Features August 2022

  • Spanish Support: Lawcus dashboard now supports Spanish language. This means that users can translate the entire dashboard to Spanish for their convenience and ease of use. Not only this, but the client portal also gets auto-translated to Spanish based on the browser’s location.
  • Integrations

 1. Calendly: Lawcus has integrated with Calendly to bring the best of automation to you. You can now send information about your Calendly events to Lawcus. The Calendly integration allows you to create leads/matters, add tasks, send emails, etc., based on the events created on Calendly.

2. Pabbly Connect: Pabbly integrates with Lawcus to help you connect with more than 850+ apps. Just select the app and you’re good to go. No installation required! Easily integrate your favorite applications within minutes and say goodbye to manual work. Automating tasks will never get easier!