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15th April 2022

Lawcus – New Features April 2022

  • Intake Form Details in the Lead/Matter Details: You can check the Intake Form responses in the lead and matter details if that lead or matter created using Intake Form. You have to first open Lead/Matter Details-> Requests Sent-> Check Response of Intake Form
  • Full Organization Backup: You can export all the details in the CSV file of your account from Settings-> Export and Import-> Full Backup
  • Mandatory Email/Phone in Intake Form: Now, you can make the Email or phone number as required in the Intake Form
  • Chat Agents provide law firms with fully managed 3rd party live chat agent support for their websites so they can focus on what they do best.
  • TimeBro allows you to streamline your time tracking workflow. Import your Matters. Assign time entries directly to your Lawcus Matters. Export your time entries to Lawcus.