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9th July 2020

Introducing advanced grid view, advanced filters, new invoice template, and more!

We’ve released more ways to help you achieve predictable velocity, reduce busyness and more time to practice law and deliver value to your clients, featuring:

  • Advanced grid view for matters and contacts so you can customize how you view your data in a list view. Ability to add custom fields, re-size, and re-order columns.
  • Move to the previous or next matter/lead while viewing an expanded matter/lead.
  • Introducing the professionally designed New invoice template ‘Pro’ to streamline your admin time so you can focus on running your Law Firm.
  • Ability to sort matters on the pipeline stages by name, number, and upcoming task due date.
  • Advanced filters on matter and contacts: ability to filter by custom fields, select columns and download the filtered list
  • Improved QuickBooks integration: the ability to map each Tax category in Lawcus to different products or services in Quickbooks.
  • New event view to quickly see meeting details
  • Improved time selector on the calendar
  • Matter cards now show upcoming task due date on the bottom right.
  • Ability to add multiple street address lines

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