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15th May 2023

Client Intake Software: 3 Reasons Your Law Firm Needs One for its Growth

Legal industry has been evolving for all the good reasons. From understanding a client’s requirements to executing the processes through client intake software, there is a lot on your plate as a part of the legal industry.

Stretching to the work model and the essential requirements that are needed to scale up the existing operations, we are going to discuss the 3 possible reasons why your law firm needs a client intake software.

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Client intake software: A brief overview 

By definition, the law firm client intake software is a tech suite that helps to keep a record and tab over your on-boarded clients. It is a smart tool that not only acts as a central repository to hold information about your clients but also gives you the insights with the pooling of essential information about the clients. 

From capturing a possible lead on the software to keeping a close proximity over the activities initiated with the client, everything can be kept at a single place. The much- talked automation of the information with digital payment reconciliations have been backed up by real-time users and are preferred by the industry players. 

No matter to which niche you belong, you can utilise the client intake software to its full potential with our experts. 

Now as you have a brief idea about what exactly is a client intake software, here is a dedicated section that speaks about why your law firm actually needs it!

Reasons to integrate a client intake software !

Save your time and time is money!

Save Time on Data Entry

Data entry is a mundane and time-consuming task that no lawyer has time to do. If you are like most lawyers in the modern world, you hired a legal assistant to handle data entry so that you don’t have to do it. Consider how much time it takes for your staff to enter client information into your system.

They must enter the client’s name, contact information and case information before sending you the form, and you then have to follow up on each prospective client. When you calculate how much you must pay your staff for each client they enter into the system, not to mention accounting for the average amount of time they spend on the phone, you’ll find it eats up considerable resources.

Client intake software removes the need to enter data manually into your database. With client intake software, you can add intake forms on your website that let each prospective client fill out a simple form when they want you to work on their case. The intake software automatically logs their details and lets you know when the client would like you to contact them. No matter the type of law firm you run, you can customize the intake form to match your needs and long-term goals.

Remove Physical Paperwork

The old way of adding a new client to your law firm requires a lot of paperwork. Your client fills out a form with their name and contact information, and you must store it in a filing cabinet in your office. In addition to logging client contact information, you also log case details, payment options, billing information, payment history and more. It’s easy to see how this process requires you to store a lot of paperwork in your office, and don’t forget how much time it can take to retrieve all those files when you need to look up information. In simple terms, paperwork creates a lot of hassle you want to avoid.

The good news is that client intake software overcomes that issue and lets you bring new clients on board without the paperwork. You can let your client fill out all their information on your website before you begin the first consultation with them. You can also have your clients sign digital documents instead of handing them a mountain of paperwork when they come to your office, which makes things easier for everyone.

Looking up information will also be much faster than it was when you still used physical paperwork. When you need to look up information, you enter the client’s name to get everything you need to show up on the screen in front of you.

Provide a Better Client Experience

Providing a positive client experience is more important now than ever before. Lawyers around the country are using the latest marketing methods to attract and retain clients. In addition to using the latest marketing strategies, savvy law firms also do everything they can to enhance the client experience from the time the client first discovers the law firm until the case is finished.

Law firm software improves your client experience in many ways. When a client calls about their case, client intake software makes it easier than ever to look up their information. You can track each case and set reminders so that you never forget appointments or other vital dates. You can add information to a client’s file in no time with the right software package for your law firm.

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Final Thoughts

Client intake software saves time and makes it much easier for you to bring new clients on board. It also helps you pull up client information in seconds without requiring you to dig through a mountain of paperwork, and clients notice the difference. The software attracts new clients and shows you which ones are the most likely prospects for your law firm, and your business will improve when you take advantage of the many benefits.

Consider how much time and money the right client intake platform can save you. When you realize the difference that it can make for your business, it’s easy to see how client intake software is an investment worth making. Let the platform handle many of the mundane tasks that once took you and your staff a lot of time, and your business will reach the next level before you know it.

Your clients will be much more likely to refer others to your law firm when you provide a positive client experience. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the top ways to gain new clients, and you will be impressed when you see the outcome for yourself.

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