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Revolutionary AI Software For Lawyers!

Unlock the Power of Generative AI To Supercharge Your Legal Practice

Save Time, Boost Productivity

Are you currently wrestling with a creative blockade, spending hours gazing at a blank email, grappling with the challenge of how to write or where to start? Designed for efficacy, Nova AI helps you generate personalised communications effortlessly, saving upto 5 hours/per week of your time to dedicate to your clients and matters. Say goodbye to your email and text writing woes permanently.

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Automate Tedious Tasks

With the power to compose emails, text messages, notes, matter descriptions, and task descriptions, Lawcus Nova takes care of the mundane, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional legal services to your clients.

Future of Legal AI Tools

In the first generation of Nova, Lawcus is supporting attorneys by offering an impactful writing assistant. When we advance into the second generation, our vision extends beyond mere assistance and Nova will brace you with AI-powered reports, seamless document summarization and generation, and comprehensive Matter overviews.

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Simple time tracking and powerful billing system

High Security and Compliance

Nova stands as a generative AI, built on amazon bedrock to give you full control over the data you use to customize the foundation models for your generative AI applications. It also adheres to the highest security and privacy standards as we do not store any sensitive data and take stringent measures to eliminate any risks of data leaks or unauthorized access.

Join the legal AI Revolution

Experience the future of legal communication with Nova AI. Embrace efficiency, productive and supercharge your legal practice today