Flat Fee & LEDES Billing, Lead Tracking, Activity Items & Trigger due date of a task based on another task!

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We’re excited to share some new features to make Lawcus work even better for you, featuring.

Ability to track multiple flat fee services directly on the matter and create invoices that are simple for you and your clients.

How to add Flat Fee Matters

Now you can create tasks with a due date based on another task. For example, if you change the due date of the main task, the system will automatically adjust the due date of all the depending Tasks. enter image description here

Lead Trackingpermalink

Ability to track lead source and referrals. Track the estimated value of the fees expected to be earned on the potential matter.

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Now you can save your everyday activities and apply them to time, a flat fee or expense entry. Selected activity item will set the description and rate on time, a flat fee or expense entry. Your activity items may look like Mileage, Print, etc.

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LEDES Billingpermalink

Now you can enable UTBMS codes for your firm. When entering time and expenses, you will have all UTBMS codes available for use.

Ability to show Trust and Retainer summary info on invoices. Automatically apply payments from Credit and Trust accounts on generating multiple invoices. Show a payment summary on invoices.

Introducing collapsible sections for Financial and Contacts info on matters. These sections can be expanded and closed as needed.