Kanban Boards

Lawcus gives you a kanban style bird's-eye view to quickly see all your matters and instantly know what needs your attention. And if you prefer lists to boards, you can switch to traditional list view.

Productivity Focus

Legal work is naturally collaborative. Lawcus puts collaboration, conversation, and automation together to help you deliver more with transparency and less effort.

Matter Centric Chat

Collaborate with your teammates with matter-centric conversations. Keep all your matter related team communications in one place.

Task Delegation

Organize and delegate tasks, establish deadlines, keep track of work in progress and get it done faster. No more sticky notes stuck on your computer screen.

Email Integration

Easiest way to associate your emails with matters. Just drag them in matter folders.

Custom Fields

We understand you have unique workflow, create contact & matter custom fields and groups.

Matter Numbering

Ability to auto-generate matter numbers using pre-saved numbering scheme. Allows users to create custom numbering scheme.

Matter & Client Summary Reports

The Summary Report provides an overview of trust balance, outstanding balance, and un-invoiced work in progress on matter and client details.

Folders for easy Document Management

New Folders feature to help you manage client documents with ease.

Conflict Search

Full-text search allows you to search all text fields including custom fields across Lawcus.

Cloud Sync and Storage

Ability to sync with cloud storage platforms like DropBox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Interaction Logs

Ability to add email and phone logs


Localization support for Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, German & Chinese. More... coming soon!

Realtime Notifications

Get notified for any activity like someone assign you a matter or task.

Invoicing and Billing

You can see all your finances at a glance. You’ll know what’s due, when it’s due, and what’s paid.

Track Time and Expenses

A simple time tracker & expense tracking built for speed and ease of use.

Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting to help you manage your client’s money with ease and get paid. Ability to make payments, record transactions, transfer funds and mater to matter transfers.

Flat Rate Matters

The user can select flat rate billing or un-billable option for matters. For flat rate matters system will automatically generate a time entry for the flat fee amount.

Default Billing Rates

Ability to set default rates for users and matters. Allows users to switch rates on time entries.

Time Rounding

Enabling time rounding allows you to configure the rounding increments for time entries.

Generate invoice for unbilled items in two clicks

Bill your clients for unbilled items with just two clicks. You can do this by clicking on the $ icon, then selecting the date range period for bill generation.

Workflow Automation

Tired of creating the same tasks every time? Automate your processes with Lawcus.

Document Assembly

Automate your documents by quickly creating them from pre-saved templates

Dynamic Merge Fields for Document Assembly

Now you can to automate document management for the different type of contacts. Suppose you added three witnesses on a matter and you would like to create documents for them. Now on document creation from a template, we will give you the option to select the contact you would like to generate the document.

Legal CRMpermalink

Intake Forms

Our simple and intuitive form builder allows you to create an online intake form with ease. You can even embed them in your websites. Ability to create logic steps and save current progress.

Contact Tags

Contact tags are labels that help you to categorize your contacts as you like.


Powerful Reports

Lawcus's reporting capabilities allow you to analyze your firm’s performance and identify bottlenecks. Our Advanced Reports Builder let you create custom tabular reports based on parameters and fields that you select.

Type of reports availaible

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoice History
  • Payments Collected
  • Matter Balance Summary
  • Client Trust Balance
  • General Client Ledger
  • Trust Account Ledger


Ability to export your reports in PDF and Excel formats.

Client Portalpermalink

Secure client communication portal allows you to collaborate with your clients, share documents, messages and you can also assign tasks and schedule meetings with them.