Introducing Drip Marketing, New User Role Management, Zoom Integration, New Workflow Triggers, Task Tags among others!

Harsimran SinghHarsimran Singh@lawcushq(@lawcushq)

The year has been a wearily-long and weird one, but we at Lawcus aren't at any time giving up on the productivity of your law firm. We are happy to launch OUR BIGGEST UPDATE YET!

This update includes Drip marketing, Zoom integration, IP Whitelisting, Team Activity, New Workflow Triggers, and a host of other new features and updates that help streamline your processes for more profitability.

Drip marketing helps you nurture and qualify leads over time to achieve better client prospect conversions.

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Using a strategy based on a water- drip manner, you can now leverage this new email marketing tool to automatically send "drip" (or pre-written emails/text ) to client prospects over a stretch of period.

The 'drip' that finds its way to a client's mailbox is determined by the specific action taken or user behavior exhibited.

What's in Drip Marketing for you:

  1. You are better-suited to skyrocket your lead conversion rates as this personalized follow-up tactic makes your legal brand come across to a prospect as a concerned one.
  2. Law firms save a lot on time and energy that'd hitherto have been spent on individually following-up with prospects interested in hiring you.

Before now, there was a limitation as to how much an admin user could flex their clout when establishing organizational hierarchy on Lawcus.

We listened to your feedback and have now broadened admin powers to include creating new custom roles and allocating different permissions.

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Why should you care?

  1. Power to custom-create organizational roles
  2. Building safe walls around privileged and sensitive information such as law firm financial outlooks

Collaborate better, boost productivity, and save time with the fantastic Lawcus-Zoom synergy that our direct Zoom integration gives you.

As from now on, you can quickly transform scheduled appointments into Zoom meetings, forward meeting login credentials to clients, and send meeting reminders emails to clients - all without leaving the Lawcus ecosystem.

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What's in it for you?

  1. It saves you the stress of having to manage Zoom meetings separately.
  2. Creates that much-needed synergy which helps declutter several
    browser tabs

Law firms are harbingers of confidential and sensitive data. That's why we scaled-up your security options by working on the IP address whitelisting feature.

With it, law firm admins can restrict login access to specific IP addresses(VPN) to plug vulnerabilities associated with unsecured networks that teammates might be accessing Lawcus with. This feature also allows firms to limit access to Lawcus from their office only.

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What's in it for you:

  1. Better protection of your law firm and client data
  2. Facilitation of internet best practices on the part of teammates/staffs

Great news. We've added some more sauce to our workflow game by making it possible, going forward, for users to filter tasks to which workflow actions can be applied. We also added two more triggers and a new action to our automation list.

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The new triggers include:

  1. Task Completed: When set up, the marking of a specific activity as completed sets off a chain execution of other specified activities - like sending notification emails, etc.
  2. Appointment Scheduler: Set this up and let magic rain in terms of a series of pre-set actions based off the scheduling of an appointment by a prospective client. Please note this will only work for new scheduling pages added after 12/03/2020.

The new action:

  1. Time Delay: Delay time functionality gives you a unique opportunity of delaying the execution of automated workflow actions by specifying when exactly workflow event or action should be implemented. Use delays to time your email sends.

Team Activitypermalink

Monitor and stay right on top of activities as they go down. Stay-in-the-know with note-like updates shared by teammates in the separate team activity report we've now placed directly on the dashboard.

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So, when next you need to - as a firm partner - see what your associates are up to, the Team Activity would be there to save you the hassle of checking each matter for newer activities.

You, too, can add notes/comments on this for immediate or future action.

Task Tagspermalink

You now have a choice in how you want to custom-organize your tasks as we've just taken our filtering system to another level! Our users can now filter and separate tasks according to their importance, worth, or urgency - all by using tags!

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What's in it for you:

  1. You get to seamlessly organize tasks in a matter by filtering down with any custom tag combinations you desire
  2. Navigate through tasks in different practice areas and teams with the extra-functionality that custom tagging provides

Not impressed with the structuring of our former Interactions interface? We've overhauled it just for you! Now you can view, edit, and create phone logs, email logs, and secure messages within a properly-streamlined user interface.

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Before now, there was a limit to how much information you could input about your leads and the level of possible interactions. But we've toned down that limit by making it possible to associate related contact to your lead, add time or even bill them for a consultation call, just like you'd do for a signed client/matter.

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Navigate a minute's long journey in a few seconds and get the same result. Instead of going all the way to go punch-in those time spent getting activities done, you can very much make a time entry somewhere on every task. We've dedicated a button to that effect on each task.