Announcing New Client Portal, Appointment Scheduler and European Data Center!

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Hi, there. How have the ember months been treating you? For us at Lawcus, it's been a rain of structural changes and company-wide growth. Today, we bring you the latest news about Lawcus that you may have missed. Our highlight includes the latest in our line-up of products and features, upcoming reInvent webinars, blog articles, and other handy resources that make practice management a breeze and position your law firm for growth.

Built for you - September/October Highlights

Introducing the Redesigned Lawcus Client Portal, the Missing Piece in Your Client Communication

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Keep your tasks organized, your client communication secure, and your clients up-to-date. To serve you better and make you stay ahead of the curve, we introduce our upgraded customer-centric and legal-compliant Client Portal for law firms. This much-awaited client portal for law firms is a web-based, mobile-accessible, consumer-friendly platform redesigned to securely gather and present as much or as little case or matter information to your clients in real-time.

Our Client Portal comes spot-on with a multitude of powerful features and functionalities including:

  • Case Activity Transparency

  • Classy Two-way Communication

  • Secure Document Sharing

  • Full and Personalized Customization

  1. Case Activity Transparency Our Client Portal allows your law firm to keep clients updated about ongoing activities and tasks regarding their matter, on a real-time basis. Whether your associate is holed in the library doing research or out in the field tracking down a witness, or at their workspace reviewing lengthy contracts, the Client Portal keeps your Client informed, making them happy and satisfied that the matter is a priority for you.
  2. Classy Two-way Communication With the internet rife with news of email vulnerability to hacks and breaches, the Lawcus client portal presents itself as a viable alternative for communicating, interacting, and staying in touch with yourself and clients. Never again does either yourself or your Client have to worry about reaching one another because the Client Portal makes your practice available round-the-clock to receive client instructions.
  3. Secure Document Sharing It doesn't matter how sensitive your client file or information is, our Portal keeps them secured with top-of-the-line cloud storage protection. Whether it's an IP-exchange agreement, founder's agreement, partnership contract, in-house paper trail, and what have you, yourself and your Client can securely exchange them without any fear of a leak or breach. Documents exchanged on the Lawcus Client Portal deliver in one piece and without fail.
  4. Full and Personalized Customization What's more, our client portal isn’t rigid or set in stone. You can choose to add or remove as many or as fewer tweaks that best portray your law firm's distinctiveness. From choosing to add a short bio of your law firm to pinning your location on GPS, adding a direct link to your website or social media page amongst others, Lawcus helps keep your client-facing interface distinct, personalized and distinguishable – as per your needs.

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To continually make the Lawcus usage experience a thoroughly-pleasant one, we bring the good news of a new tool in the Lawcus Practice Management arsenal: the Appointment Scheduler.
The Lawcus Scheduler is a highly customizable and full-featured tool that comes power-packed with all the useful features necessary to simplify appointment booking and make clients show up at the right time.
With Lawcus Scheduler, never again would our users or their clients have to ask one another what date/time works. The flexible features that come with our scheduling tool include:

  1. Instant Scheduler Your client can, from wherever they are, instantly book and arrange meetings ahead of time, in as few clicks as possible. Take a permanent break from the draining back-and-forth of meeting confirmations, and save monumental time and efforts.
  2. Schedule Editor Worried about creating several meeting invites for different use cases? The Lawcus Scheduler effortlessly fulfills this need.
  3. Round-Robin Scheduler Set up appointment confirmation to be based on a first-come, first-serve basis and automate your scheduling workflow in a way that meeting requests can be automatically routed between different calendars.
  4. Auto Schedule Increase productivity by saving time and effort. Make your itinerary an open book to ensure clients can seamlessly pick appointment time and date that work for all parties.
  5. Customization and Flexibility Never should you have to worry about unattractive interfaces. The Lawcus Scheduler is so flexible in a way that empowers users to customize it as you see fit. You can choose to include your law firm logo, upload distinct brand elements, customize color schemes, and much more.
  6. Time Zone Support It doesn't matter that there is a time zone difference between you and a client. Our tool fills that gap by automatically adjusting to time zone differences.

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Due to popular demand, Lawcus is pleased to announce the launch of its new European servers, in addition to existing US/North American servers.

The new server addresses GDPR concerns about data residency in the rank and file of all existing and prospective Lawcus users.

Lawcus users can now data-proof their legal practices, in line with regional and national requirements for data storage in varying geographic locations across the globe.

The new server offering also furthers Lawcus's commitment and determination to stay compliant with regional and global data security and protection standards.

Our multi-region data residency support gives existing and new users a chance to decide the geography of choice wherein their data can be stored and processed.

And we won't stop here. Lawcus is enthusiastic about adding many more data residency options in the future, to keep our clients happy and their practices compliant.